30th May 2014


 Autism Communication TalkinPictures is our latest Autism Communication app for Android. It uses pictures to navigate and build a sentence which is then spoken and displayed on the screen.  Customisable...

17th Apr 2014
Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos is a sliding numbers puzzle game. It has two modes of play, levels and infinite mode. Levels contains puzzles to solve, infinate mode is where you keep playing...

28th Nov 2013
World Capitals Quiz Game for Android

World Capitals Quiz

World Capitals Quiz is a visual quiz of the capitals of the world featuring the flags for every country. 3 quizzes to challenge you and your friends. You have either...

08th Nov 2013
12 Tiles

12 Tiles

A crossword like puzzle game, a great way to improve your English, for kids and adults alike. You see the definition of a word and guess what the word might...

06th Nov 2013
Awesome Business English

Awesome Business English

Already know English but want to become comfortable with English in business, then this app is for you. Common Business English words, each one with a sample sentence demonstrating common...

02nd Dec 2012
iToucan Talk Alpha

iToucan Talk (Autism)

 Pictographs and Speech iToucan Talk is an Autism Communication App which uses pictographs and speech to help non verbal people to communicate. When installed select your language and download the...

10th Sep 2010
Walkin London

Walkin London

As the Android Market says this has your answer to the question: “What things should I see near here?”. It includes the top Attractions in London, every London Underground Station...

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