Walkin London Version 1.3.1 released

Now on the Market is version 1.3.1

The graphics have now been optimised for both small screen phones like the HTC Wild Fire and large screen phones like the Nexus One.

There is now has an improved help and includes a short guide to using the app featuring Android. Select App Help then more help to see the guide.

A couple of fixes in the Map line between you and your destination is now smaller but still clear to see and moves as you move.

Walkin London Version 1.3

Walkin London is now up to version 1.3 and it’s available now in the market.

The changes include:

The map has two additional Icons, these animate the map to your location or your destination, I’ve found this very useful when zoomed in.

The GPS was not always turning on while viewing the map, if it was using Wifi for the first location fix. It now gets a fast lock using Wifi, then switches to GPS, if you have it enabled, to go and get a really accurate location.

Go to buy walkin london for android for your copy.