Terrible Twos Update to 1.2

Terrible Twos is the latest App to be updated. Now with: NEW – Infinite mode, keep playing until you cannot keep going. NEW – Works on 7′ and 10′ tablets! – Even more puzzles in levels mode – High score table of just you and your friends – Saves your progress without logging in Also managed to find and fix […]

Update Month

This upcoming month is going to be update month. Going thorough most of the apps and updating them to add new features and prepare them for new markets. Why is this different to any other month, well usually there’s a new app in production, this month however there is no new apps being built and […]

Talk at BETT 2014

BETT is the worlds leading learning technology event which took place at Excel London this year and I was asked to talk about TalkinPictures, the app to help non-verbal students with communication using pictures and text to speech. It also marked the point at which TalkinPictures pass the 1,000 downloads point on the Google Play […]

TalkinPictures – now on Amazon!

TalkingPictures has just gone live on Amazon after passing the approval processes and is available for the Kindlefire, Kindlefire HD and Kindlefire HDX as well as many other devices which have the Amazon App store.

TalkinPictures Update

I’ve released TalkinPictures, an App for non-verbal kids to communicate using pictures. Ideal for someone with Autism. It’s now even easier to use and try out!

Startup Weekend, London

Had an amazing time at the new Google Campus in London. Congratulations to pollarize.me who won overall. Great, great people and lots to learn. All the sponsors are worth checking out if you want to do a start-up.. Check out Startup Weekend, CloudMine , Wayra, Tokbox, Sendgrid For a full report of this weekend check out TNW. Oh..and there were 19 start-ups not […]

Visiting London?

A few things to know before you visit London. If you want to use the internet on your phone, you have a few options. 1. You can buy an English SIM card. (For phones which use a SIM card and are unlocked) “Pay as you go” (PAYG) SIM cards give you free internet (how much […]

Walkin London Version 1.3.1 released

Now on the Market is version 1.3.1 The graphics have now been optimised for both small screen phones like the HTC Wild Fire and large screen phones like the Nexus One. There is now has an improved help and includes a short guide to using the app featuring Android. Select App Help then more help to […]

Walkin London Version 1.3

Walkin London is now up to version 1.3 and it’s available now in the market. The changes include: The map has two additional Icons, these animate the map to your location or your destination, I’ve found this very useful when zoomed in. The GPS was not always turning on while viewing the map, if it was using […]

Walkin London 1.2 update

Walkin London has been updated, the new version is now available in the market. The changes include: Menus are available in English and Spanish (auto detected from the phone settings). The map now displays your favourites. The indicator line between you and the destination is easier to see. The map and info icons have been […]

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