How accurate is the AQ test?

Note: it makes no difference to your score whether you choose slightly or definitely, so treat the statements as a binary choice agree and disagree.


How reliable, accurate, valid, and up to date is the test?
The AQ correctly scores autistics (both male and female) higher than neurotypicals.

Research shows that the AQ is a quick tool to identify where a person is situated on the continuum from autism to neurotypicality.


In 2017, the following items were proven unrepresentative measures of autistic traits, thus needing revision.

Researchers thought that autistics would agree with the following questions, but we don’t necessarily:

  • 9. I am fascinated by dates.
  • 21. I don’t particularly enjoy reading fiction.

And researchers thought that autistics would disagree with the following questions, but again, we don’t necessarily:

  • 29. I am not very good at remembering phone numbers.
  • 30. I don’t usually notice small changes in a situation, or a person’s appearance.
  • 49. I am not very good at remembering people’s date of birth.

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