An Android App for non-verbal kids and adults designed to be:

♦ Simple to use
♦ Responsive
♦ Customisable
♦ Educational
♦ Practical
♦ Compatible with thousands of devices
♦ Free to try – inexpensive to purchase

A fully customisable communication app for anyone who has difficulty communicating non verbally.
It leads to a more structured way of forming a sentence, so each word suggests what the next word would be.
“I want” leads to food, drink, people, places etc.
“I want” “a person” leads to Dad, Mum, Teacher each with their own photo
The sentence then becomes
“I want Mum”

Every image can changed. You can select the image from your gallery, downloads or photograph an existing image or item. So you can make it match existing symbols the child is used to using and photographs of the actual people or item the child knows. Long click ANY icon to edit it’s picture or text.

All text user configurable.

The size of the list is also limited to eight icons to a page to make it nice and easy to see all the options.

Comes with sample/starter set of images, menus and phrases.
Communication can be kept simple for younger children or those of limited ability and grow as their ability grows.
User selectable languages or the app will adapt to the phone default language.

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