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Using the App


Q: What is TalkinPictures for?

TalkinPictures is an Android App designed to help nonverbal Children and Adults to communicate using Pictures and Photographs.

Q: Who is it for?

Nonverbal or partially verbal Children and Adults who have difficulty communicating through speech or have communicative, cognitive, and physical impairments

This includes many people on the Autistic Spectrum who cannot speak or don’t like to speak, people with cerebral palsyblindness, deafness or vocal impairments such as throat cancer.

Q: Is this the only Communication App you do?

No, iToucan Talk was release before this. It was designed for tablets and used only Pictographs.

Q: Is the App free?

It is free to try, but saving the user configured icons requires a purchase. This is to support further development of the App as the voluntary donation model proved inadequate.

Using the App

Q: How do I change a picture

Tap and hold on any Icon to bring up the edit dialogue

Edit dialogue

Tap on the picture to reveal two buttons which will allow you to change the picture, either by taking a new photograph or using an existing photo.

Edit dialogue change picture
Edit dialogue change picture

Q: How do I make an icon into a sub menu?

Tap and hold on any Icon to bring up the edit dialogue

Example Sub menu
Example Sub menu

If the Menu option is ticked, this icon will bring up a sub menu.

If it is not ticked, this icon will finish the sentence and bring up the sentence dialogue.

Q: What is the “Spoken” option for?

This is only available when the icon is a sub menu. When ticked, every item in the sub menu will be prefixed by the sub menu name. For example

  • Sub menu name: School
  • icon name: Books
  • becomes: School Books


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